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Phone #

Website or Email

Henry Ahlström Ph.D. PSY 14420 805-462-7106
A. Robin Aylor Ph.D. PSY 16291 800-460-9219
Robert Clayton Psy.D. PSY 23626 805-550-5756
Jeffrey J. Davis Ph.D. PSY 19044 805-748-5081
Marianne G. Davis Ph.D. PSY 19061 805-748-5082
Sandra N. Deal Ph.D. PSY 17566 805-542-9681
Ann Marie Donnelly Ph.D. PSY 11715 805-796-9059
Sari H. Dworkin Ph.D. PSY 13852 559-930-1747 - Inactive
Erin Elfant Ph.D. PSY 19879 805-540-0636
Laurie Ferguson Psy.D. PSY 20842 805-610-8694
Beverly Ford Ph.D. PSY 17089 805-542-0100
Ramona Friedman Ph.D. PSY 24402 805-588-0592
Larry Galpert Ph.D. PSY 21919 805-781-0217
Kenneth Germanow Ph.D. PSY 10096 805-596-5146
Azarm Ghareman Ph.D. PSY 17003 805-546-1190
Eric D. Goodman Ph.D. PSY 20248 805-473-3388
Cynthia Griffin Ph.D. PSY 12633 805-544-0154
Jayanta Hegde Ph.D. PSY 26420 805-242-1260
Joseph Holifield Ph.D. PSY 19617 805-305-4229
Stacy Hutton Ph.D. pending 805-858-9222
René Hollander Psy.D. PSY 16826 310-821-6414
David Jacobs Ph.D. PSY 24721 805-204-1716
Jessica Kaczorowski Ph.D. PSY 26784 805-267-9466
Gene Kranz Ph.D. PSY 23155 805-748-3055
Nadine LaFleur Psy.D. PSY 18245 805-709-7793
Gary Lawson Psy.D. PSY 9826 805-481-1146
Susana López Ph.D. PSY 28957 805-250-4792
Kirsten Lowry Ph.D. PSY 23890 805-602-1062
Erin P. MacIntyre Psy.D. PSY 20839 805-441-3130
Mary L. Malik Ph.D. PSY 19861 805-541-2490
Benny Martin Ph.D. PSY 22824 805-457-6123
Michelle Matoff LCSW LCS 15900 805-888-9534
Cindy Mitchell Ph.D. PSY 27392 805-391-4182
Belinda Morrill Ph.D. PSY 15688 805-602-1966
Lisa Miller Ph.D. PSY 13247 559-907-7439
Margaret E. O'Neill Ph.D. PSY 11824 805-439-0156
Terri M. Quinn Ph.D. PSY 9673 805-541-0203
John A. Riley Ph.D. PSY 7802 805-541-3244
Hannah Joy Roberts Psy.D. PSY 27352 805-756-2511
David Rosenblatt Psy.D. PSY 28428 805-457-5792
Laudon Rowen LMFT 38140 805-756-2511
Bill Safarjan Ph.D. PSY 7598 private
Willow Saloum Psy.D. PSY 27386 None
Victor Silva-Palacios Ph.D. PSY 14198 805-801-7590
Becky Snejkowski(Rice) Psy.D. PSY 21776 805-996-0385
Bobby Tehrani Psy.D. PSY 24308 805-409-8239
Marne Trevisano Ed.D. PSY 9162 805-462-8025
Nancy Underwood Psy.D. PSY 24588 650-450-1326
Nicole Vito Ph.D. PSY 22779 858-922-3634
Bonnie Wagner Ph.D. PSY 20609 805-457-6155
Eileen Warren Ph.D. PSY 16864 805-712-5528
Nancy E. Webber Ph.D. PSY 9167 805-542-0954
Tom Wells Psy.D. PSY 11109 805-925-7551
Helen Wood Psy.D. PSY 24774 805-835-1616

Example profile page can be found here.

Henry Ahlstrom, Ph.D.

Robin A. Aylor, Ph.D.

Sarah J. Barnard-Moreland, M.S.

Kathleen M. Bono, Psy.D.

Shelly A. Browne, Psy.D.

Tzu-Chen Cheng, Psy.D.

Robert E. Clayton, Psy.D.

Harland Clouse, Ph.D.

Kellie M. Condon, Ph.D.

Deidre D'Orazio, Ph.D.

Jeffrey J. Davis, Ph.D.

Marianne G. Davis, Ph.D.

Sandra N. Deal, Ph.D.

Tammy J. Dobbs, Ph.D.

Ann Marie Donnelly, Ph.D.

Sari H. Dworkin, Ph.D.

Erin D. Elfant, Ph.D.

Laurie L. Ferguson, Psy.D.

Beverly J. Ford, Ph.D.

Ramona Friedman, Ph.D.

Jill S. Fuselier, Psy.D.

Larry Galpert, Ph.D.

Kenneth Germanow, Ph.D.

Azarm Ghareman, Ph.D.

Rebecca Gillis, Psy.D.

Eric D. Goodman, Ph.D.

Cynthia Griffin, Ph.D.

Jayanta Hegde, Ph.D.

Joseph E. Holifield, Ph.D.

Lisa M. Holland, M.S.

Rene Hollander, Psy.D.

Kenneth A. Hutchinson, Ph.D.

Stacy L. Hutton, Ph.D.

David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.

Jessica Anna Kaczorouski, Ph.D.

Steve Kadin, Ph.D.

Wendy Knight (Meier), Psy.D.

Eugene Kranz, Ph.D.

Ross Kremsdorf, Ph.D.

Nadine M. LaFleur, Psy.D.

Gary Lawson, Psy.D.

Susana A. Lopez, Ph.D.

Kirsten Lowry, Ph.D.

Erin P. MacIntyre (Buys), Psy.D.

Mary L. Malik, Ph.D.

Benny R. Martin, Ph.D.

Michelle L. Matoff, Psy.D.

Michael D. McGee, M.D.

Lisa A. Miller, Ph.D.

Cindy Mitchell, Ph.D.

Belinda Morrill, Ph.D.

Joseph E. Morrow, Jr., Psy.D.

Debra K. Muse, Psy.D.

Laurel Olivera, Psy.D.

Margaret O'Neill, Ph.D.

Stanley E. Osmunson, Ed.D

Terri M. Quinn, Ph.D.

Amy Plewinski, Psy.D.

Killorin M. Riddell, Ph.D.

John A. Riley, Ph.D.

Sharon A . Rippner, Ph.D.

Hannah Joy Roberts, Psy.D.

David Rosenblatt, Psy.D.

Laudon A. Rowen, M.A.

Bill Safarjan, Ph.D.

Willow Saloum, Ph.D.

Karen Sheppard, Ph.D.

Victor Silva-Palacios, Ph.D.

Becky Sznejkowski, Psy.D.

Babak M. Tehrani, Psy.D.

Marne A. Trevisano, Ed.D

Nancy K. Underwood, Psy.D.

Carolina A. Van Stone, Ph.D.

Shefali P. Vatsa, M.A.

Eileen M. Warren, Ph.D.

Nancy E. Webber, Ph.D.

Robert D. Weber, Ph.D.

Thomas E. Wells, Psy.D.

Carol Woods, Ph.D.