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Choosing a psychologist is an important decision. There are many questions to ask yourself, such as: "What do I want to help with?" or "What does insurance cover?" If you would like some further guidance, check out the American Psychological Association's brief guide on how to choose a psychologist.

CCPA provides information about and referrals for all mental health problems. Referrals are made to CCPA Members who are licensed to practice in the State of California.

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Below is a list of all CCPA members who agreed to be listed on this website. More information can be found out on certain members by clicking on their name (the name will be a blue hyperlink to their profile).



Sarah J. Barnard-Moreland, M.S.

Tzu-Chen Cheng, Psy.D.

Robert E. Clayton, Psy.D.

Harland Clouse, Ph.D.

Kellie M. Condon, Ph.D.

Jeffrey J. Davis, Ph.D.

Marianne G. Davis, Ph.D.

Tammy J. Dobbs, Ph.D.

Ann Marie Donnelly, Ph.D.

Sari H. Dworkin, Ph.D.

Erin D. Elfant, Ph.D.

Laurie L. Ferguson, Psy.D.

Beverly J. Ford, Ph.D.

Ramona Friedman, Ph.D.

Jill S. Fuselier, Psy.D.

Larry Galpert, Ph.D.

Kenneth Germanow, Ph.D.

Azarm Ghareman, Ph.D.

Rebecca Gillis, Psy.D.

Eric D. Goodman, Ph.D.

Cynthia Griffin, Ph.D.

Jayanta Hegde, Ph.D.

Lisa M. Holland, M.S.

Kenneth A. Hutchinson, Ph.D.

Stacy L. Hutton, Ph.D.

David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.

Jessica Anna Kaczorouski, Ph.D.

Steve Kadin, Ph.D.

Wendy Knight (Meier), Psy.D.

Ross Kremsdorf, Ph.D.

Nadine M. LaFleur, Psy.D.

Gary Lawson, Psy.D.

Susana A. Lopez, Ph.D.

Kirsten Lowry, Ph.D.

Erin P. MacIntyre (Buys), Psy.D.

Mary L. Malik, Ph.D.

Benny R. Martin, Ph.D.

Michelle L. Matoff, Psy.D.

Michael D. McGee, M.D.

Lisa A. Miller, Ph.D.

Cindy Mitchell, Ph.D.

Debra K. Muse, Psy.D.

Lisa Neuenschwander, PhD

Margaret O'Neill, Ph.D.

Terri M. Quinn, Ph.D.

Amy Plewinski, Psy.D.

Killorin M. Riddell, Ph.D.

Michael W. Regier, Ph.D.

John A. Riley, Ph.D.

Sharon A. Rippner, Ph.D.

Hannah Joy Roberts, Psy.D.

David Rosenblatt, Psy.D.

Laudon A. Rowen, M.A.

Bill Safarjan, Ph.D.

Willow Saloum, Ph.D.

Karen Sheppard, Ph.D.

Victor Silva-Palacios, Ph.D.

Becky Sznejkowski, Psy.D.

Marne A. Trevisano, Ed.D

Nancy K. Underwood, Psy.D.

Eileen M. Warren, Ph.D.

Nancy E. Webber, Ph.D.

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