Central Coast Psychological Association

Minutes of Board Meeting for November 19, 2016

Present: Robert Clayton, Belinda Morrill, Hannah Roberts, David Rosenblatt, Bill Safarjan, Marne Trevisano,

Bobby Tehrani

Hannah Roberts called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM. It was determined that there were not enough board

members to establish a quorum, therefore no motions were made at this meeting.

Hannah Roberts reported that the following people had been nominated for board positions for the coming year

and are willing to serve:

Robert Clayton as President/President Elect (with assistance from Past President, Hannah Roberts)

David Rosenblatt as Treasurer/Treasurer Elect

Sari Dworkin as Secretary

Belinda Morrill as Secretary Elect

On-line voting will take place in the next month to formally elect board members.

The Annual Meeting/Installation Dinner will be held January 28th, 2017 at 6:30 at Belinda Morrill”s home in Los

Osos. Hannah Roberts will send out an evite, will order catering from Jaffa, and will obtain wine for the event.

The board thanked Marne Trevisano for providing her lovely home for the Fall Potluck. Marne reported that there

was a small and intimate gathering for the event.

David Rosenblatt reported that a new Chase Checking Account has been opened to facilitate board business.

Bill Safarjan and David Rosenblatt agreed to work together to make membership renewals electronic.

The board thanks Sari Dworkin and Robin Aylor for setting up a year long continuing education seminar series.

Marne Trevisan agreed to send a message to the list-serv seeking ethics question submissions to Laurie

Ferguson for the ethics column in the CCPA newlsetter.

The board held a discussion regarding ways to increase membership, especially with regard to reaching

beyond the largely private practice group that now exists. Suggestions included building bridges with

psychologists in education and in agencies, increasing visibility in the community, and getting more involved in

social justice.

Meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Belinda Morrill, Ph.D.

Substitute Secretary for Sari Dworkin, Ph.D.