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CCPA provides information about and referrals for all mental health problems. Referrals are made to CCPA Members who are Licensed to practice in the State of California.

In using the search above, you may want to search by your insurance provider. In that case, enter "Medicare" and a list of psychologists who accept Medicare will be provided. You can then click on the name for more information about that psychologist.

You may choose to look for a psychologist who has expertise in treating a specific issue, such as "marital therapy"  or "couples." In that case you could enter "marital," "couples," or "family" in the search box.  

You may prefer to search by geographic location - for example, "Cambria."

Click here to view a list of mental health professionals that are CCPA members and opted to be featured on the website.

You may also wish to search the Resources to locate additional mental health services in the Central Coast.